Sunday, May 15, 2022

Our Daughter's Big Day of Achievement

We came back from Scotland just in time to attend our youngest's graduation at Hamline University in St. Paul yesterday.  It was Lauren's big day, graduation with honors in Chemistry and History on her way to Dental School at the University of Minnesota.  

It was a crazy line trying to get into the Rivercenter in St Paul for the ceremony.  The previous graduation went late, but we got in fine and the pomp and circumstance started late.

The ceremony was fine, but it also ended up being a little long as Senator Klobuchar made a cameo appearance and gave a surprise speech.  (Her husband went to graduate school at Hamline).  Her speech was a classic stump speech, but okay.  Hamline divides their graduation in two and Former Gov (and senator) Dayton gave the keynote.  Ours was some 80 year alumni who I had never heard of before.

L was near the back of the line but eventually, all masked up, her name was called and she got her moment of achievement!  We all had to wear masks inside, except when speaking I guess.  Oh well, photos of the time.

The proud family....

Grandma and Grandpa Segelstrom

It took a village to get Lauren through Hamline.  Aunt Jena tutoring sign language classes, Allwin Chemistry and Calculus, Grandparents feeding and helping her move.....well all of us helped her move.  Numerous mentors for her future Dental practice, took a lot!

She still calls me with bird consults and I suspect we'll go birding and fishing next week.

Congrats Girl!!
A proud 


PS I got a Minnesota lifer Wilson's warbler walking back from the ceremony!!!



  1. Congratulations to the graduate.
    Chemistry is no picnic, but happily history keeps the mind alert.
    Well done!


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