Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Is the Doctor in the house?


We drove to Madison and the University of Wisconsin to welcome the newest "Doctor" in the family, Dr Allwin McDonald PhD, after he gave his public dissertation for his PhD in Chemistry today, he was done, All under the watch of his mentor, faculty researcher Dr. Andrew Buller  

the start of his hour presentation of 5 years of research, Dr Buller gave him a great introduction of how he became his initial 1st year lab grad student in 2018.

He is a well published protein engineer specializing in biological enzymes.  After leaving the University in Wisconsin now, in October, he leaves for the Max Planck Institute in Jena Germany for a post doctorate fellowship.  Since he majored in German in college and did both a summer internship in Vienna and studied for a year in Bonn, it should not be that big of a shock.  He will be using his expertise to aide their lab.  We will miss him terribly, but once the chicks have left the nest, what is a dad to do....I guess German birds are in my future, crested lark anyone? 

A department toast with his boss Dr Andrew Buller on the right, it was Allwin's big day and he seemed to revel in his element

His lab

the table said all kinds of nice things

We are such proud parents!

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  1. A chemistry PhD is serious achievement, a post doc at Max Planck is world class.
    Super well done and heartiest congratulations!


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