Sunday, October 3, 2021

Score one for the Palmetto

 Item Number 119 on my bucket list was simple, "visit South Carolina."   Why the Palmetto State? (what even is a palmetto?) In 2016, I visited Rhode Island for the first time, my state number 49, South Carolina will make an even fifty, a complete set.

On September 29, this item was crossed off from my list as we crossed into The "Palmetto" state on a little traveled road, after spending 270 miles driving up down and around from southern Kentucky, around Knoxville, Tennessee, through the Smoky Mountains into North Carolina and around Asheville to where the above photograph was taken halfway up a little hill.

So where did we head?  What part of the great state did we decide for a destination?  Our destination was a small generally textile-free resort-campground called Carolina Foothills near Chesnee just two miles into the state, southeast of Asheville, and probably the closest point to Minneapolis.  Maybe too Bohemian for many but well, it is what it is.

It is a place filled with miles of trails and a center for activities. For the next week we will be using this place as a base to see what the state has to offer and enjoy the waning days of summer or the early fall, it is still warm here and as such, camping in a place such as this remains ideal.  

Some of the trails

Of course, I am not going to take any pictures of people here, but here is a picture of a large Fishing spider  Dolomedes tenebrosus

A update on our route

We plan on visiting battlefields, mansions, mountains, and forests in and around the Piedmont, which means the "foot of the mountains."  We hope to get some sun, hike in the woods and enjoy the new pickle ball court opening this weekend at the campground.

Silja still needs two states now, the same Rhode Island, and Vermont, a state I have not been to since 1982 when I toured Fort Ticonderoga, and crossed Lake Champlain by ferry during a family vacation driving up from the Baseball Hall of Fame.  Has it been almost 40 years? Those would have to come on a different trip as 48 will be the best she can do on this tour.

More updates to come




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