Sunday, June 19, 2016

Funniest Travel story of the year

Just thought I'd lighten the mood, this is what this year is all about!
Some times I am so stupid.

I'm going through security at Albuquerque. I was happy to have gotten TSA Pre!  I go cruising through the check in guy and then as I'm piling stuff on the conveyor, I realize that I never emptied my water bottle and since I had paid $25 for it in Phoenix, it is PVC free and all of that, it is metal,  I'm not giving up my water bottle!  I go out to empty it out in the bathroom just around the corner.  No one has got in the TSA line in my absence and so I return.  Same guy ...same deal.

As per rules I have to be re-checked as does my license.  I say I know the rules, and I say "rules are rules."  I am quite jovial now and laughing at my idiocy and state "maybe I should give you my passport to vary it up a bit" as he scans my phone for my ticket and grabs my license.  He gives me back my license ignoring my comment or so I think.

His machine buzzes, This is an odd buzz I have never heard before.  Deadly serious he looks at me.  "Hold on a minute, sir.  Maybe you should zip up your fly before you go through security and so you are not subject to getting added screening. I may expose something you don't want exposed."

Maybe you had to be there, or maybe it is that I'm very tired but I thought it was funny.



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