Friday, May 4, 2018

Marketing and self promotion

It seems always a little weird self-promoting something you did like a piece of art, a performance, or a book.  Despite everything Swedish in me telling me not to, to be frank, books don't market themselves, so I'll say it.  My new book is out!!

To be honest, I have to market the &&% out of this book or my garage will not have room for my car. .

Today I have my first two retailers locked up, Log Gables in Brule, WI and DDR Books of Watertown, SD.  I have also scheduled my first book event for June 5th, 7pm for DDR Books in Watertown, SD.

Some say it couldn't be done and some say it shouldn't have been done, but well, I have (I think successfully).  I have crafted a book about my two passions, birding and pike fishing, telling a lot of stories about my many zany pike fishing adventures AND my big year of 2016. 

Have I have fished with..?
a) A convicted murderer
b) A congressman
c)  An NFL and college sports legend
d)  A crazy Finn who only spoke Clint Eastwoodism English

The answer is ALL of the above.......the stories will leave you ..well....they will leave you scratching your head

The history of the Falun Sucker Club has never before been written

It has some good reviews so far.

I think that is the best book you have ever written
                                            Susan Segelstrom, my mother and author

Okay family members aside:

I have enjoyed Olaf Danielson's tales for years. Whether its high-adventure birding in Alaska or documenting the environmental tightrope of modernization in the tropical paradises of Hawaii and the Virgin Islands, his world-traveling adventures always pull my mind into a magical world that actually exists somewhere beyond the beaten path. Through his stories, photographs, and humorous philosophy I find myself pulled into Zen of learning without even realizing it, and Confessions of a Pike Whisperer fits that genre like the finest fishing braid on the spool of a well-oiled reel. Read it, loved it, and am insanely jealous of his knack for collecting and photographing monster fish, not to mention his unrivaled ability to paint a zesty story that perfectly captures mankind s love affair with the raw beauty of nature.
 --John Luthens, Wisconsin Outdoors Jounalist and Author of Taconite Creek

Here is the official synopsis:

Born into a family of avid fishing people, Grantsburg, Wisconsin native and Watertown Public Opinion columnist, author and adventurer Olaf Danielson’s life quest of catching big fish has taken many very interesting twists and turns.  Even Olaf’s first date with his future wife was ice-fishing. Confessions of a Pike Whisperer  outlines the mysticism of pike fishing and shares many his tales from his founding of the Falun Sucker Club in 1984 to various other surreal experiences from the Midwest to Canada to Sweden. In his Year Without Pike section, Olaf also relates how he became a Big Year birding record-holder in 2016. This is the book for everyone who loves adventure in the outdoors.

So there you have it

it is 296 pages with lots of pictures, PG, and'll even learn something

You can buy it on Amazon shortly (they don't have any in stock as it was just printed) but my publisher sent me a garage full to market and since Amazon doesn't pay royalties save for a few pennies, I would rather you buy it from me, I even take credit cards....$19.50 post paid....

email me at if you want a signed copy and we can figure out the details.

Obviously, you like my blog or you wouldn't even read this, this is more of the same, fish stories, UFO stories, birding adventures, and like I said the history of the Falun Sucker Club....all for one low-low price...........

can you beat that for entertainment?

Thanks for your support


PS  a few spring birds from the week.....   so you feel like you are getting some birding value here...there are field sparrows everywhere
Field sparrow

chestnut collared longspur


  1. That longspur is beautiful congrats on the new book!

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